Open Source Civilization

Metamagazine Articles – Open Source is in my world since Linux became known as an alternative OS and I use examples since I read Eric S. Raymond‘s book The Cathedral and the Bazaar.

My thing was (and is) open source education (see: open source curriculum), but looking for real life community solutions one must look beyond software and content alone. Looking for the ultimate DIY tool-box you can start your life and survive if possible with these modular (hardware) tools:

Starting with the open source Blueprints for civilization (modular hardware) by Marcin Jubowski: see Open Source Ecology

Open Source Education has a few angles in which it develops, looking at the available curriculum (content), the teaching methods and the used resources: Here are a few links:

Speaking of an open source knowledge ecosystem by Richard Baraniuk:

And as a guide for open source teams: How Open Source Projects survive poisonous people:

The above Google talk is aimed at coding projects, but useful for any non-profit or volunteer-based project.

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