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I am stil waiting for a good deal for the iPhone 4 : The iPad (large iPhone but without the camera’s) broke the sales-record last year. The Android phones and devices filled the emptiness (Void) of over 10 week delivery-time of the iPhone 4 last summer. Also the antenna-problems (which obviously was a design flaw) didn’t help much either. The new HTC (Desire Z) and Samsung Galaxy S (and Samsung Galaxy Tab) are good alternative candidates.

I now have a Kindle (3G + WiFi) for reading books and my PDF-documents, but the combination of listening to a specific audio-lesson in MP3 and reading the corresponding PDF does not work well. Searching through documents on my iPhone does not work as convenient as my desktop or laptop and (for what I heard the iPad does not do that either, unless you put these documents in Google Docs or a specific app). The fact that Flash is not supported feels a bit like cutting off a large part of the Internet-content. I could use a remote viewing app like Teamviewer to work on my desktop with my iPhone, but this is improvising. Rumors say the iPhone 5 might come out in april 2011 and the new iPad 2 (with camera’s) even sooner in February 2011. Since the price of the iPhone 4 didn’t drop (it even increased, the 32 GB model including 2 year telecom-services: T-Mobile now to €329 + €29,95 a month, was €269 + €29,95 a month when introduced).
Maybe I will buy the new iPad 2 instead of the iPhone 4 or even wait for the iPhone 5.
Picture and movie editing, visual and speech-recognition, streaming camera recording, stereo-audio recording and a longer battery-life (currently max. 8 hours continuous use) is what I’m aiming for.

Below my initial comments – in concept – of June 30, 2010:
Yes I will also comment about the new Apple iPhone 4. The long awaited new iPhone after the iPhone 3GS was announced just over one month ago and sales skyrocketed in the first days to almost 2 million pieces with the pre-orders.
OK I admit it: I really want one. But why? Mainly for the features I miss on my current iPhone 3G: Good quality pictures, videorecording + editing, multitasking, a compass (which was already included in the 3GS) and Blue-tooth Keyboard support.

I wonder how many people actually use these specific features, but we will find out soon:
Given the new video + editing possibilities on the iPhone 4, this should increase video-blogging: This feature will definitely increase the number of movies on (Although movies and clips can be recorded in HD(ready) quality it gives no guarantee about the value of the published content.
Quality pictures: pictures taken at workshops or seminars currently (with 3G) are often not acceptable enough for archive-use. The new 5 MP (low light support) camera will probably produce better quality pictures. I assume with multi-tasking background support there will be note-taking apps like Evernote that support recording, scribble note-taking and taking pictures at the same time (without interruption of the stereo(?) recording).

Multi-tasking: for what I have come to hear it’s a low level multitasking-feature like music or streaming background sound but it’s a good start. Background recording or better live Speech-recognition with Dragon Dictate (not yet available in EU) or Dragon Naturally Speaking on my iPhone would be nice.
Live sound analysis like Shazam or SoundHound now does for music with (con)textual information and recognition with GPS combined with personal preferences could be a new killer app. A location based genius-like app for suggested places to go to, attractions to visit and people to meet (a bit like aka-aki, but with live location-based feeds: sort of a “around me“+ app)

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